Huntswood | Firebrand Insight case study

Huntswood: keeping those associates close.

Stakeholder Engagement


Huntswood is a leading financial services outsourcing organisation supplying highly-qualified personnel to banks, building-societies and insurers to help them manage peaks in requirement for trained telephone consultants caused by, for instance, the PPI mis-selling review.

Huntswood came to Firebrand when faced with the thorny problem of assessing levels of engagement across their large associate base – the team that delivers on their behalf, bears their name and yet is not employed by the Huntswood organisation.

Firebrand’s solution took a strongly qualitative slant, reviewing the opinions and concerns of associates across the range of clients and locations then using the information to design a short, focused online questionnaire that hit the sweeet spot to such an extent that more than a thousand associates took the trouble to respond.

The findings of the research were work-shopped and have now been used to shape and direct Associate-management strategy moving forwards.