Our partners have many years of experience in the aviation sector.


Airport operators, from global hubs to developing regional airfields, turn to Firebrand for brand and advertising development and positioning, but also for community relations, airline and stakeholder relationship review, passenger engagement studies, and for product development expertise.


Airlines too have been quick to take advantage of Firebrand’s capabilities and experience. We partner global carriers in seating and interiors development; we work in product and service design and in corporate identity.  In product development Firebrand has helped devise cabin-crew routines, optimised cabin and flight-deck announcements and helped in the design of in-flight premium bar-service.  Our experience in change-management has helped carriers work their way through the potentially traumatic early days of alliance formulation and we are regularly working with airline employee groups in brand alignment and attitude surveys.


Air-cargo operations also form an important part of Firebrand’s proposition.  Our work in this sector is commissioned by cargo-airports, freight-forwarders, cargo-carriers, logistics operators and integrators, handling-agents, hauliers and regulatory bodies across the world.


Firebrand, air-heads only?  Whilst airports, aircraft and airfreight run through our veins, Firebrand also works on a regular basis for a wide range of airline-associated and other travel operator/organisations, including rail and sea-ferry operators, marine and aviation insurers, industry publications, tourism boards, professional associations and aviation-sector exhibition organisers.