Firebrand Insight Limited
  1. Unless otherwise agreed, a project will be invoiced in 2 parts: 75% upon formal commission and 25% on delivery of the verbal debrief or final report. For continuous monthly monitors, we will invoice fees in full for each month in advance.
  2. Any adjustments to the fee for the project and any expenses incurred will be incorporated in the final invoice. We will agree any fee adjustment during a project before these are incurred.
  3. All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT, which is payable at the standard rate.
  4. Costs do not include the production, reproduction or transport of stimulus material, nor prize draw incentives if used (unless specified).
  5. Commissions are accepted on the understanding that all invoices are payable within 30 days of the date of invoice.
  6. In the event of a project being cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged based on non-recoverable costs incurred and executive time spent up to the cancellation date.
  7. Firebrand Insight and its sub-contractors will not be held liable for failure to perform obligations due to force majeure, e.g. fire, flood, storms, Acts of God, riots, strikes, war, acts of terrorism, or other causes beyond our reasonable control.
  8. Upon commencement of the project, the client is responsible for insuring the quality and data protection compliance of sample data, lists and any stimulus materials for use in research.
  9. Costs are valid for a period of 3 months from the date given. After that time, we reserve the right to review quotations.
  10. International research quotations which depend on non-sterling amounts will be subject to a currency fluctuation surcharge, when a change in the exchange rate quoted in our proposal and that in force at the final invoice date affects Firebrand Insight Limited adversely.
  11. We shall take all reasonable care and skill in the conduct of research and preparation of reports but the Client shall recognise that data derived from market research surveys are estimates subject to limits of statistical error and prediction of sales, market share or consumer behaviour derived from market research, while made in good faith, are intended only as an aid to the Client’s judgement. Firebrand Insight Limited cannot accept any liability for any damage or loss arising from the Client’s use of research results.
  12. The liability of Firebrand Insight Limited to the Client shall in no circumstances exceed the
    amount received or due from the Client in consideration of services supplied.
  13. Reports, proposals and other documents supplied to clients shall not be reproduced or copied to other parties, nor summary reports prepared and published, without our written approval.
  14. Acceptance of this proposal and commissioning of this study will be taken as acceptance of the above terms of business.