London Clubs | Firebrand Insight case study

London Clubs: planning a clubbing future.

Leisure & Media

London Clubs

This international leisure company invested in six new UK sites in major cities. Firebrand helped to define and develop the most appropriate multi-layered, modern leisure experience at each venue, encompassing varied dining and destination bar options and live music spaces alongside modern gaming areas.

In each city we used a combination of desk investigation, customer and marketplace surveys, competitor venue audits and interviews with leading commentators and journalists as inputs to city-specific directional reports.

“At a crucial time in our history it has been extremely helpful to have Firebrand work alongside us. Their reports have been relied upon when important decisions concerning our new concepts have been decided. The real bonus for us is Firebrand’s ability to elicit insight from knowledgeable, expert contacts in the key locations.”

Adam Roberts, Project Development Manager: